Bloch ES0485L Slipstream Black / Silver

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Erittäin kevyt ja hengittävä jazz tossu

Materiaali: Nahka & Mesh-kangas

Koot: 4 – 14 US


Ultra lightweight jazz shoe with breathable mesh has a durable outsole and is designed to enhance the natural line of your pointe.


A hidden velcro lock off system holds the shoe snug to the foot without laces
The inside of the shoe has cushioning for comfort and shock absorption
Design line enhances the natural line of your pointe
Mesh arch for perfect fit and foot aeration
High tech comfortable moisture removing lining
Two stage molded heel gives comfort and cushioning but retains perfect foot to floor contact
Specially shaped top line upper to remove stress from achilles tendon when pointing
Durable outsole

Fabric: Leather & Mesh


Paino 1 kg (kilogramma)

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