Heritage Pointe Shoes 1X


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Heritage is a Russian inspired pointe shoe boasting a low V shaped vamp design that lengthens the aesthetic line of the foot. Also available with a strong shank.

The shank is designed to be flexible, supportive en pointe and durable, which makes it an ideal shoe for both rehearsal and performance
The medium strength, gently curved shank promotes foot articulation and can help the dancer achieve demi pointe
Flat pleating under the box creates a smooth surface and greater stability when running, walking or standing flat
The improved, cupped heel shape incorporates a heel counter, providing the dancer with a feeling of security and snug fit ⁠— this also assists in maintaining the shape of the shoe in both the standing and en pointe positions
Removable internal gel cushions for the toe box for added comfort if the dancer chooses
Cotton drawstring
A paste
Noise reduction under the pleats
Heel cushion


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